Join SciStarter on zoom and YouTube live for a conversation with Samantha Harrington of ISeeChange! "Samantha Harrington is a reporter and digital community manager at ISeeChange. Born and raised in Madison, WI, Sam is interested in how climate change affects the U.S. Midwest. She has also ​reported for Yale Climate Connections since 2016, is currently illustrating an education workbook for Project Amal ou Salam, and manages a weekly newsletter that aggregates good news stories. From 2015-2017, Sam founded and co-owned Driven Media, a roving girl-power newsroom. She has been a contributor for Women@Forbes and has also worked on a number of international projects. In 2014 she traveled to Amman, Jordan​,​ to study why Jordanian women study STEM subjects at ​twice the rate of American women, and ​she ​has reported on maternal health issues in Malawi and on counter terrorism efforts in Morocco." About ISeeChange: "The ISeeChange project is a global community that documents local changes in environment, weather, and climate. Each post is synced with weather and climate data, which is broadcast to the community to investigate bigger picture climate trends. Community members use this information to track climate changes over time and how this impacts daily life. You can use the app or the project website to submit your observations. You have the ability to personalize, measure, and track your local climate change impacts. This information helps local partners apply community insights into local resilience planning, ADA, and infrastructure design. Help us learn more about how weather and climate impacts your community and environment!" ISeeChange is a SciStarter affiliate and a featured project: