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QUOLL SEEKERS NETWORK Australia has four species of quoll: the spotted-tailed, the northern, eastern and western quoll. The spotted-tailed quoll and the smaller northern quoll are both found in Queensland. Spotted-tailed quolls are mainland Australia’s largest native marsupial carnivore. About QSN Quoll Seekers Network (QSN) was established to raise community awareness of quolls in Queensland, gather information on quoll populations, and help people enjoy living alongside quolls. Networking with other organisations is a key component of Wildlife Queensland’s operations and communications strategy. QSN in Action QSN collects data on quoll populations, threats and conservation initiatives to better understand how to support their continued existence in Queensland. Network members contribute in many ways - helping out at Quoll Discovery Days, writing articles for our publications, fundraising, office support, and assisting with our education program. Above all, members help to raise the profile of quolls in the broader community.