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In our special “Movers & Shakers” online event join us to find out how the Pros are leveraging Raspberry Pi-powered earthquake monitoring devices hosted by citizen scientists like yourself around the world. The Raspberry Shake community, or “Shakers” as we like to call them, is made up of people like you who have an interest in watching our living breathing planet as it rocks and rumbles right under their feet. Our community has now grown into the largest seismic network in the world with members operating their Raspberry Shake seismographs on every continent, helping contribute to faster and more accurate ground motion and earthquake detection. Our citizen science community of Shakers even made the headlines last year as part of a research paper published in Science ( . The peer-reviewed article examines the global quieting of our planet during the COVID 19 lockdown. Data from the Raspberry Shake network was heavily used in the study with 76 co-authors from around the world contributing to the paper, including both citizen and professional scientists. During this special online event you will hear from two of the authors of this publication, Thomas Lecocq and Mark Vanstone. Join us as they explore how Raspberry Shakes are bridging the gap between citizen science and professional communities and find out how you can get involved too! Our online event will give you the chance to connect with them directly and answer your burning questions. FAQs Who is the virtual meetup for? This event is open to anyone with an interest, even if you don’t have your own Raspberry Shake yet. How much is it to join? This event is completely free! Who is Raspberry Shake? No, it's not a smoothie ;) Our deliciously-named company designs, builds, and sells innovative, user-friendly seismology devices for monitoring earthquakes and anything which makes the ground shake. Based in Panama on the slopes of the Baru Volcano, we specialize in making complicated earthquake detection equipment simple, so that anyone can use them. Now our global community of Shakers forms the largest seismic network in the world! How can I learn more about the Raspberry Shake citizen science project? Learn about our project on our SciStarter page: or directly on our website: