Do you walk or ride around your local area, or walk your dog? Do you ever wish you could do more to help our local wildlife? If so, you’re exactly who we’re looking for and we have an easy way for you to help. When you join the Redlands Koala Watch community, you can collect information on local koalas by actively looking for them when going about your regular outdoor activities, like walking the dog, jogging or picnicking in the park. You then record the information on our survey. Every recording counts. Even if you don’t see any koalas, it counts. When you spot a koala, you can also check and see if the koala is ill or injured, and get help for it if needed. We’ll give you resources to show you how. . The information you collect is used by researchers and Redland City Council to develop koala conservation actions, reduce the incidence of sick and injured koalas, and improve local koala mapping. Helping us spot and get help for ill or injured koalas quickly, will help us get more koalas back home from hospital, happy and healthy. Check out Redland City Council's website for more information on our local koalas