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Have you noticed changes in nature or climate near you? Share your pictures and reflections with other observers through ISeeChange on SciStarter! During this week, we'll help you post pictures and observations using a free ISeeChange app so you can help document what's happening near you. Your observations could note when the leaves fall, an unseasonally warm or chilly day, interesting cloud formations and whether its windy or not, flooding, the presence of a cicada molting on a tree down the street, or that you are battling an unexpected mosquito population explosion in your neighborhood - and more. You can also find out what others observe as changing in your community this week, as well as from around the world, and comment. ISeeChange will connect your posts to NASA weather and climate data, making all datasets available to hundreds of diverse investigators who are determining what are normal seasonal variations – and what are unusual. In the process, the data will help scientists members predict how your local area may change in the future so that information can be shared with your community.