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Last December, the Belleville Research Ethics Committee met with five members of Citizen Science Belleville to review their plan for an oxytocin study to be conducted in Belleville. This resulted in a publicly available report describing twenty-five distinct ethical considerations that should be addressed by any such study. Such reports give the Belleville community voice in the evolution of research ethics standards, and we want to increase that voice by giving the general community this opportunity to ask questions and raise additional considerations. In addition, Citizen Science Belleville has been measuring temperature and cloud cover at Belleville High School as part of the GLOBE program. NASA uses GLOBE data to help calibrate its satellites. For curious members of the community, we will present a side-by-side comparison of our measurements to the measurements predicted by the satellites. The reliability of satellite data is important to our community because it is likely to be used to evaluate potential investments in the prediction and control of storms, floods, wildfires and sea-level change. You are invited to ask questions and become involved in this effort.