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The RoadKill project is designed to involve students and teachers in scientific monitoring of an environmental parameter using telecommunications and to increase participant awareness of motor vehicle hazards with wildlife. Participants collect roadkill data in their community for analysis and compare their data to other areas participating in the project. Roadkills vary depending on the population of the community, the amount of traffic, and the type of roads. Migratory patterns of animals and habitat of the local area will also affect the number of roadkills. The purpose of Project Roadkill is to give students an awareness and understanding of the natural world around them. By participating in Project Roadkill, students and teachers will: - understand the reciprocal effects between humans and wildlife - predict which type of animal will be most and least killed by motor vehicles - compare the relationship between geography and topography and the types and number of roadkill in different locales and states - understand the habitats and ecological importance of small and large mammals, reptiles, and birds