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The Wendell Gilley Museum: Where People, Nature and Art Meet The Wendell Gilley Museum in Southwest Harbor, Maine is home to a collection of bird carvings by master carver Wendell Gilley, as well as work by other carvers of all ages. Wendell was a plumber by trade who found the art of carving so fulfilling (and lucrative, eventually) that he was able to build a life (and eventually a museum) around it. It’s claimed that he carved over ten thousand birds in his lifetime. The museum is committed to preserving and exhibiting Wendell Gilley’s beautiful carvings - but also to keeping his legacy alive by sharing the story and values of this remarkable man who believed deeply in helping others to explore their own creativity and connect with nature. To continue Wendell Gilley’s work, the museum teaches the art of bird carving and presents art exhibitions and educational programs with a special focus on people, nature and art.