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Take “Sunday Funday” to a whole new level during the Fishtown Science Crawl. With drink specials, explosive science demonstrations, and awe-inspiring activities at many of Fishtown’s most popular venues, this is the nerdiest bar crawl you’ll ever experience. So raise a pint in the name of science and buckle up for the most mind-blowing brunch you’ll ever have! This event is part of the 2019 Philadelphia Science Festival, a nine-day long celebration of science happening at locations throughout the Philadelphia region from April 26, 2019 through May 4, 2019. Learn more: Come ground-truth satellite data for NASA! SciStarter will show you how to use the NASA GLOBE Observer app to calibrate your phone, identify clouds (from Earth...satellites take pictures from the other side of the clouds), measure tree height, confirm the land type under your feet, and identify zika-carrying mosquitos! All of this and more in one app!