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Tune in to learn how to spot constellations in the night sky AND how to share your observations with scientists to help monitor light pollution, nighttime species migrations, and even prepare for the eclipse on April 8th! Getting started in Astronomy? Have a new telescope or binoculars and are not sure what to look for? On February 10th via Zoom, join the LBIF and Astro Photographer and Astronomer James Webster as he discusses how to decipher what we see in the night sky. James Webster, member of the Astronomical Society of the Toms River and member of the Dark Sky International since 2021, considers himself an amateur of the night sky due to the vast subject matter above. An expert to others, Webster is an advocate for anyone interested in diving deeper and can provide local resources for learning more about astronomy. He plays an active role in the Citizen Science Program that was founded by Science Saturday host, Darlene Cavalier where he recently became an Ambassador