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We know citizen science is good for science. Now we want to know what it means for you, the participants! The goal of this project is to better understand citizen scientists and their participation in citizen science projects. By analyzing volunteers’ attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors through surveys completed every few months, we can build a better picture of how you feel about your experience doing citizen science, and even how it might be affecting you. Volunteers participate in SciQuest by taking fun "Buzzfeed-style" quizzes and surveys every few months. These surveys help our team better understand each participant. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their experiences with science and the environment during these quizzes, so they might even teach you a bit about yourself! Anyone 18 years old or older is welcome to participate in this project, even if you've never done citizen science before. Join this event to learn all about SciQuest and how you can get started. Register below. Learn more about SciQuest before the event: