ScStarter LIVE is a weekly, virtual series, where we hang out with you and a project scientist on Zoom and Facebook to learn about and experiment on their project. All events are recorded and shared with registrants after the event. Tune in on Tuesdays from 2-3pm Eastern! July 2nd - From the LIVE Archive: Using Citizen Science to Monitor Sharks Shark Week Starts on July 7th! Join SciStarter and special guest Michael Bear, to learn about how you can safely observe sharks and contribute your observations to help shark researchers study these important animals. Watch now on YouTube: July 9th - Orca Day: Become a Whale Sound Sleuth - Contribute to Marine Conservation from Anywhere! Learn how to participate in projects where you can help identify whale sounds from underwater recordings, contributing to marine research and conservation. Register: July 16th - From the LIVE Archive: How to Participate in National Moth Week National Moth Week starts on Saturday, July 20th! Learn how anyone can observe moths and submit data to accelerate research from leaders of National Moth Week, Elena Tartaglia and Liti Haramaty. Watch the recording on Youtube: Join this year's celebration: July 23rd - [NEW DATE] Get Hooked on History: Help close fishery data gaps with historical dock photos! Dive into the past with FISHstory, a Zooniverse project where you can assist researchers. online, anytime in identifying historic catches from the days before dedicated catch monitoring programs existed in the South Atlantic Fishery. Visit the project page. You can still register, but you will be notified of the new date and registration: July 30th - Moth Week 2024 Highlights: Celebrate nature's (mostly) nocturnal wonders! Join us for an exciting celebration of Moth Week 2024! We’ll be showcasing the amazing Lepidoptera species reported during the week and inviting event leaders to share their mothing experiences.  Whether you're a moth enthusiast or a curious newcomer, celebrate the beauty, life cycles, and habitats of moths around the world! Register and bring your moth stories: