Thousands of volunteers have found and logged online over two million pieces of litter and debris all over the world thanks to Debris Tracker, a digital tool to report the litter you see, whether on land or in water. Reporting litter helps identify critical places that need to be cleaned by volunteers – especially when reported in vulnerable ecosystems. Also, researchers use this online data pool to track and understand how plastic and other litter get washed into streams, lakes, and oceans. Help protect our planet and reduce the amount of trash killing marine life and making life unpleasant for countless others by uploading your sightings of litter to Debris Tracker. This week, join Verizon volunteers around the world and post pictures and sightings of litter near you. To participate, simply go for a walk, take pictures of places that have debris, and report a rough estimate of the quantity and type of litter you see. If you are also interested in helping clean an area, Debris Tracker lists possible cleanup events for you to take your research a step further.