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What's your gaming superpower? Have you ever thought about what makes you special as a gamer? Is your mind super-sharp to ace certain types of games? Which skills have you developed as a gamer? Skill Lab: Science Detective is a collection of minigames with a detective story theme that challenges your mind in different ways. The game enables you to test your gaming brain skills against yourself and other people. In this process, ScienceAtHome can generate a cognitive player profile of your gaming skills at different levels. We want to know your strengths and weaknesses for better understanding how they affect your performance in the other games from ScienceAtHome. Maybe having a good memory makes players rock the Alien Game? Is hand-eye coordination the basis for success in Quantum Moves? We can't wait to find out! All of this information will help us develop a better gaming experience for you. We will also get crucial hints on how to make our players contribute to scientific problems more effectively. At the same time - after our initial calibration period, you will have access to your player skill profile and get a snapshot of where your expertise lies and which skills you are yet to master. As if this wasn’t enough, when you play Skill Lab: Science Detective, you are helping the research community understand the normal development of different cognitive skills. With the help from our citizen science community to deliver a large number of gameplays, ScienceAtHome could even use this information to understand some cognitive problems and how they can be identified in early stages to prevent their emergence. This would a be similar approach to other Citizen science projects such as Sea Hero Quest. Please note that we can only analyze your performance across all of our games if you register as a user and sign in before playing! In Skill Lab: Science Detective, six mini-games will challenge your various skills and talents. Play all of them and discover your gaming superpower! Rat Catch The rats that Claudia, the biologist, keeps in the lab have mysteriously developed the ability to teleport out of their cages. Now they are trying to escape from the lab. Challenge your hand-eye coordination and response times while helping the biologist to catch the wicked rats! Chemical Chaos Someone has mixed-up all the chemicals and equipment in Luiz's chemistry lab. Now he needs help to put everything back in the right order. Challenge your visuospatial memory and help the chemist gather the right chemicals for her experiments. Robot Reboot Dev, the engineer, is trying to build a robot. To do this he needs to precisely follow a series of instructions or the robot will malfunction. Challenge your reading comprehension and compliance while helping Dev with his robot. Shadow Match Sven, the archaeologist, has found some relics, but they do not make much sense to him. He believes there may be a deeper meaning in their shadows. He needs some help rotating the relics to see if his theory is correct. Challenge your spatial rotation ability while helping the archaeologist carrying out his research. Relic Hunt The artifacts at Sven's archeological site have mysteriously been re-dug back into the ground. Help Sven find the artifacts again with the help of the guide machine, however, it's very expensive to use, so accuracy is essential! Challenge your visuospatial reasoning and help the archaeologist to find the clues he needs. Electron Rush Megumi, the physicist, is experimenting with accelerating electrons in the particle accelerator. Unfortunately, someone has been tinkering with it and the particles are not accelerating fast enough. Challenge your visuospatial reasoning and planning while helping her accelerate the particles as fast as possible for her experiment.