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Passionate about education, science, and the environment the Snow Knowledge Collective, or ​SKNOWLEDGE Collective for short, is a school-based citizen science initiative fostering scientific inquiry, collaboration, and discussion about our environment; because #TogetherWeKnowSnow. Students are engaged through outdoor field-based activities, collecting valuable meteorological data, while learning about the shared importance of snow to our environment and water resources. This project uses low-cost equipment (a ruler!), field-based techniques (making a snowball!), and interactive mapping tools to better understand seasonal snow variability in your community! Why snow? Because it is one of the most challenging climate variables to monitor due to its significant influence by wind, sun, topography, freeze-thaw cycles, vegetation, and wet precipitation events (rain!) – just to name a few! Data contributed to the SKNOWLEDGE Collective will be used to explore how citizen science can support satellite derived snow indices (like snow depth, snow extent), expand meteorological monitoring networks, and provide valuable insight to broader climate, meteorological, and hydrological processes. ​All data submissions are anonymous, and all data is publicly available. Check back frequently! New activities, toolkits, and resources will be posted on an on-going basis. ​ We look forward to exchanging SKNOWLEDGE with you!