This project involves citizens who want to know what levels of chemicals are in their garden, in the surface of bare soil around children’s playground equipment and in their yards due to environmental toxins. These high-exposure areas are of concern due to potential health impacts. Order our community-created, customized soil sampling kit. The kit will include instructions and everything you need to properly collect soil samples, except required distilled water. Inside the kit you will find: a stainless steel hand trowel, spoon and mixing bowl, lab cleaner and brush (for cleaning equipment), cooler with amber jars, flags, clipboard with paperwork (chain of custody and site forms) to properly sample and submit your samples for independent analysis (note that labs charge approximately $100-$200 to process samples, depending on what chemicals you want to test for ). All of this is neatly housed in a 5 gallon bucket (used for washing your equipment out in the field or in your backyard). Our organization can then help with interpretation of results and, most importantly, train and empower you to become environmental advocates using citizen science. Let's turn your information into action!
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