Noise and sounds in different forms are everywhere. However, where, how, and to what levels noise pollution and sounds impact people is highly understudied. The goal of this Sound Around Town project is to better understand how this daily exposure affects us. By listening attentively to your soundscape and sharing what you hear, scientists will learn how natural and anthropogenic sounds affect people's sense of place and concentration ability. Plus, participants can become more aware and appreciative of their acoustic environment. Sound Around Town includes the following steps: 1. Information about You (only once!) 2. Information about Your Place (only once per place!) 3. 10-min Listening Session 4. 1-min Memory Game 5. Receive a visualization of your soundscape to share with friends We ask participants to carry out at least three listening sessions at a given location. We ask participants to share demographic details only once, and share their details about the place of the listening session only once per location. All participant data in Sound Around Town remains confidential. For more details, check this link:
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