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What is Spritacular? Spritacular is a citizen science project that aims to collect observations of sprites and other optical phenomena occurring above the thunderstorms - collectively known as Transient Luminous Events (TLEs). The database generated from these observations will lay the groundwork for first-ever event catalog of TLEs that will greatly contribute to advancement of scientific studies. Over the last two decades, good quality cameras have become increasingly affordable which allowed more people than ever before to have access to the tools capable of documenting these powerful atmospheric events. Because of this, Spritacular project strives to establish a collaborative bridge among communities that are actively engaged in chasing these elusive phenomena, newcomers looking to learn more, and the researchers of atmospheric and space electricity. We welcome all interested members of the public and there are many ways you can participate! Why do we need a TLE database? With this project, we will build an event database of TLEs that will significantly complement current and future science missions by providing ground-based observational data. Not only that, scientific community will be presented and benefit from the exceptional imagery of sprites/TLEs captured by our community. This database will serve as an invaluable resource for researchers allowing them to find interesting cases, perform studies in conjunction with other scientific data, and conduct broad statistical studies.