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Join us online for a conversation that will explore the latest breakthroughs in health & how YOU can take charge of your health data. Register on Zoom: Join All of Us Wisconsin, the Network of the National Library of Medicine, and SciStarter for a one-hour live, online event about how the All of Us Research Program is transforming health research and how this can empower YOU. Discover how the power of genetics and genomics is transforming the way we approach health, medicine, the environment...and your understanding of yourself. Our speakers for this event include Aaron Perry, the President and CEO of the Rebalance-Life Wellness Association; Dr. Kevin Izard, chairman of the Department of Family Medicine at Ascension St. Joseph Hospital and a Co-Investigator for the All of Us Research Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin; and Dr. Casper Bendixsen, a social-cultural anthropologist focused on agricultural and rural communities in the U.S. These are some reasons for joining All of Us: Learn more about your health, including your DNA. This will include, for example, information about genetic traits and ancestry, potential increased risk of developing certain diseases, or how your body might react to certain medicines. Help improve the health of your communities and future generations. Help researchers find the best ways for people to stay healthy. Help researchers one day create better tests and treatments. The longer you stay involved with All of Us, the more you can learn about yourself and help speed up health research and medical breakthroughs. At this event, speakers will walk you through the "why" of All of Us and explain exactly how you can participate in All of Us to learn more about your own health data. We encourage individuals to participate and libraries to host watch parties. We will take questions from anyone watching live, from anywhere in the United States! Can't make it live? Register on Zoom anyway to get the recording: ABOUT THE PARTNERS The All of Us Research Program The mission of the All of Us Research Program is simple: We want to speed up health research and medical breakthroughs. We're asking one million people just like you to help. To get there, we are creating the largest health data resource ever. The health data you share will be added to the All of Us Research Program database that researchers can access and conduct studies. This information is essential to creating a healthier future for generations to come and may lead to the next medical breakthrough. We hope you will help make history and change the future of health. Please review the following study enrollment steps to learn more about the process. If you’re ready to create an account to begin your consents and surveys, please visit to get started. SciStarter SciStarter is the world's biggest citizen science organization, with thousands of projects, events, and tools added for millions of citizen scientists to discover. Citizen science is any way a member of the public can move scientific research forward, often by collecting and analyzing data for research projects. This April, we're trying to galvanize a million acts of science by people all over the world. Learn more: The Network of the National Library of Medicine All of Us Program Center The NNLM All of Us Program Center (NAPC) works with public libraries to help communities participate in biomedical research, like the All of Us Research Program, and to support the health information needs of their communities. We support All of Us to engage those interested in becoming a participant and to provide value for those who are currently participating in the program.