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This week on SciStarter LIVE! we'll walk through a new online tutorial: "Teaching in Higher Education with Citizen Science", featuring project Budburst with Dr. Sarah Jones. College students and faculty are back in their labs and classrooms paving the way for the future. The "Teaching in Higher Education with Citizen Science" tutorial and badge are designed for faculty within higher education institutions to support demonstrated proficiencies in incorporating and implementing citizen science programming into their professional practice. We’ll provide tips to find the best projects and resources that match your needs, too! Complete the “Foundations of Citizen Science” training module before this event: This “Foundations” training is a prerequisite to progressing to the Higher Education tutorial. SciStarter LIVE! is a weekly event where you can join us on Zoom or watch the live stream on SciStarter’s Facebook page as we work through a citizen science project together. We’ll demonstrate the project and answer your questions. If you register, we will email you a link to the recording. Before the event, be sure to sign up for a SciStarter account at if you haven't already.