The Terrapin Nesting Project’s mission is to protect the Diamondback Terrapin, their nests, and hatchlings on Long Beach Island and the surrounding areas. We are working to rebuild the population of the Diamondback Terrapin and restore the balance of the ecosystem. Our organization is completely run by volunteers, therefore we are always in need of support from the community. If you decide to become a volunteer there are many opportunities that allow you to help our Diamondback Terrapins. Volunteers have the chance to: ​PRE-SEASON (March - May): - "Clean Up" - End of winter nesting site clean up - "Season Prep" - Tilling sand, fixing/installing fencing, cage construction, etc. DURING SEASON (Late May - September): - "Scouting" - Patrol for nesting females & help them cross the busy roads - "Data Research" - Recording of scientific data for research - "Photography/Videography" - Take pictures/videos of our girls - "Hatchling Watch" - Watching our hatchery for new hatchlings around mid to late August Want to volunteer to help the Terrapin Nesting Project? We ask you to volunteer for at least 1 hour. If interested specify your area of interest and contact us using the button below. Please be sure to include your phone number. We look forward to meeting our future members of our Terrapin Team!