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Join us on April 15th, the halfway mark of Citizen Science Month, for an exhilarating 12-hour volunteering marathon hosted by the SciStarter team! Beginning at 10 am EDT and culminating at 10 pm EDT, we'll embark on a journey of discovery, collaboration, and volunteer engagement. Throughout the marathon, our team will take turns hosting the Zoom room, where participants can participate in various citizen science projects on Zooniverse. Projects will every few hours. Whether you're passionate about biodiversity, astronomy, medicine, or conservation, there's something for everyone! Together we will advance scientific research while fostering connections within the global citizen science community! Everyone is welcome! Project Schedule (Updated on April 11th): 10am -11am ET – Squirrel Mapper! Crack the evolution nut with scientists exploring how evolving fur color and behavior impacts squirrel survival skills. 11am-12pm ET – Cedar Creek: Eyes on the Wild! Visit a world-renowned reserve near the meeting point of the three largest biomes of North America - tallgrass prairie, eastern deciduous forest and boreal coniferous forest and help determine the diverse array of animal movement. 12-1pm ET – Marine Creatures - Uncover the beauty of marine communities often hidden from us by detecting and classifying the most important groups of sessile fauna in this project. 1-2pm ET– WeDigBio! Any plant parents out there? Conservationists have been saving plant specimens for ages and need our help to better understand the changes through time. Join us and transcribe these rare and beautiful specimens for researchers. 2-3pm ET – Nest Quest Go! Are you a birder? From the comfort of your chair, you can help us understand bird nesting behavior through the ages. 3-4pm ET – Iguanas From Above! Investigate the REAL Godzilla with Iguanas From Above! This project uses drones to capture images of marine iguanas in the Galapagos and the researchers need our help to determine population size. 4-5pm ET - Offal Wildlife Watch The circle of life is fascinating, we live, we die, and then we might become food for more life! Offal Extension in Minnesota wants to better understand scavenging of deer gut piles provided by hunters across Minnesota and we can help! 5-6pm ET – Monkey Health Explorer! Help researchers learn more about the health and genetics of monkeys through online classifications. 6-7pm ET - Manatee Chat! As the title says, we will be learning how to "chat" with manatees to understand their vocal patterns. By doing this, we can better protect them from dangers like nearby boats that can't see them in their path. 7-8pm ET – Solar Jet Hunter (NASA)! We just saw an eclipse, so now it's time to look at the sun's corona and find instances of solar jets! 8-9pm ET – Dark Energy Explorers (NASA)! Help measure dark energy when the universe was just about 2-3 billion years old. 9-10pm ET – Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 (NASA)! What hides beyond Neptune? Be a part of the search for new brown dwarfs and planets.