Part of the Citizen Science Association Conference, March 13-17, 2019. RCC 303 12pm - The diverse motivations of citizen science volunteers: Implications for recruitment and retention » Lincoln Larson, Sara Futch, Caren Cooper, Nathan Shipley, Kathy Dale, Geoff Lebaron, John Takekawa Little is known about citizen science volunteers and the diverse factors that influence their recruitment and retention over time. To answer these questions, we surveyed 3,312 participants in Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count (CBC). Factor analysis revealed 6 primary categories of motivations: science and conservation, outdoor recreation and discovery, commitment and tradition, social interaction, classic birding, and personal accomplishment. Important factors driving initial participation were science and conservation (reported by 40%) and social interaction (26%). Interest in science and conservation became a more prominent motivation for continuing participants, suggesting that commitment to advancing science and conservation grows as project participation progresses.