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With the mission statement: EXPLORE - RESPECT - PROTECT, National Geographic Explorer Sarah Marquis is traversing on foot, the South West corner to North West corner of Tasmania in a four months exploration alone. In a spirit of the first pioneers, she will make her way trough the untouched and unforgettable wilderness with the quest of finding rare and endangered species in order to collect data for the Atlas of Living Australia. Sarah shares her 24 years of solo exploration experiences via inspirational talks, 6 books and world media coverage. If you add all the mileage of her expeditions she has circumnavigated the planet on foot once. She strongly believes that knowledge is the key to protect our Planet and describe herself as a little bridge between Nature & Civilisation. She can spend years alone in the most remotest places on earth and cross over to our world as it is. Adjusting to a new environment it’s her second nature. She spent 3 years walking alone from Siberia to Australia (book -Wild by nature ). PROJECT CONSULTANTS Leslie Frost Environmental Manager at Australian Antarctic Division, University of Tasmania Mark Engler Science, Technology and Education Coordinator Embassy of Switzerland in Australia