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The Fluker Post Research Project is a citizen science environmental monitoring project developed by Dr Martin Fluker, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. It is designed to allow community members to contribute towards the ongoing care of various natural environments by taking photographs from fixed photo-points (Fluker Posts), emailing them into, and having them arranged in chronological order within a Picasa Web Album. The Fluker Post Research Project is operated as a research project through Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. The types of research questions we are seeking to find answers to include: * How can we build a tool that allows land managers to detect change and make management decisions that result in sustainability gains? * How can the concept of citizen science be employed to create historical records of changes occurring at natural environments? * How can we track the long term environmental changes caused by such affects as climate change, usage, precipitation, and the spread of disease? * How do users of public spaces relate to the environments they are experiencing? * How do methods of repair or modification of natural environments last over time?