Millipedes perform an invaluable ecological service in the form of detritus fragmentation and nutrient recycling yet they remain a largely unexplored group, with only 12,000 of the predicted 60,000 to 80,000 species currently described. Furthermore, the impact of habitat fragmentation and degradation have made collection-based research imperative to counteract the loss of species before their discovery and to understand critically threatened biodiversity and its pivotal role in ecosystem function. SaveNaturer.Org has teamed up with students, families and Girl Scouts as a means of gathering critical information about the ecology and distribution of this understudied taxonomic group. The mission is to record the natural history data on iNaturalist. Take a sharp close up photograph and submit it for verification and mapping on iNaturalist. The photograph is a voucher specimen that confirms you saw a millipede and helps researchers identify the species,.The date and location of your photograph helps us map your observation. Girl Scouts working towards badges in partnership with SaveNature.Org will receive an I Love Bugs button if they email their iNaturalist posting to
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