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This research project uses a technique called ‘Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM)’. ESM is a relatively new methodology which looks at people’s thoughts and feelings on a moment-by-moment basis. This is done by asking participants to answer some questions in an online diary, using their own mobile phone, at random time points throughout the day. The aim of the research is to understand if the way we seek support from others is related to our attachment to the significant people in our lives, particular emotions and thinking patterns that occur in our everyday lives. Initially, you will meet a researcher at the University of Manchester where you will be asked for some personal details (e.g. age, gender, ethnicity, phone number) and to complete some questionnaires. This initial session will take no longer than an hour. Following the initial assessment, we’d like you to fill in an online diary, using your mobile phone, when prompted by text messages sent to your mobile phone. This will occur at six random-times per day between 10am and 10pm for two weeks. It should take no longer than two to three minutes each time you fill in your online diary. We will meet with you following completion of the online diaries to give you some further questionnaires to complete. This second session will take no longer than one hour and will take place at the University of Manchester. Participants will be given £10 to say thank you for taking part. Taking part in this research will allow you to try out a novel research methodology: Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM). The results of the research will help inform interventions (e.g. talking therapies) that would therefore benefit future generations of students as well as the wider population. If you would like more information, please click the link below to view the Participant Information Sheet