"The River Mile" is a network of educators, students, resource managers and scientists in the Columbia River Watershed exploring the essential question: “How do relationships among components of an ecosystem affect watershed health?” The River Mile is a participant driven approach to learning about, researching and exploring the watershed health of the Columbia River. Participants share best practices, lessons learned, examples, links to resources and real world scientific data. Students and teachers engage in science education outdoors and explore scientific practices through real-world resource projects. By spending time in the field investigating and researching their section of the watershed, groups become intimately familiar with their outdoor classroom. The Pacific Northwest has only 3 native species of crayfish and at least 6 non-native species. It appears that there is only one native species in Washington. Data is lacking on crayfish, so you and your students can contribute critical data by collecting and sharing data about the crayfish in your area. Additional information about this study and its protocols is available on TRM’s webpage: