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The Three Mosquiteers is a pilot citizen scientist initiative aimed at raising awareness regarding vector borne diseases, vector ecology and management of native and non-native mosquitoes in Cyprus. For more information please contact: and check out our webpage at You can send us mosquito photos from Cyprus for validation @ Please include: Your Name & Surname Location or Address or Geographic coordinates (if possible) Date & Time photo was taken Many thanks in advance you records are very important Help us record Aedes cretinus in Cyprus and create an early warning rapid response system for Aedes albopictus (the tiger mosquito) In Cyprus, Aedes albopictus has not yet been introduced and recorded. However, we wish to catch it early if it arrives on the island. In Cyprus, we have a very similar looking species Aedes cretinus, Please help us record it and understand its life habits. You can check what each species looks like here: Please take some time to read below: Privacy statement Your data will be used to inform the study of the recorded species in the future. Your records will be stored permanently on a secure server at the Laboratory of Vector Ecology and Applied Entomology, Cyprus. They may also be submitted to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility to support international research on mosquitoes. We will store your name, and the record details (location, date). If you do not want to be identified by your real name we are happy for you to use a pseudonym. If data are published openly, we will credit you for your records. We encourage that everyone shares their pictures and data records openly however if you do not wish that the photos you submit are shared please state so in your email. • Grant the project and its partners a non-exclusive, worldwide license to republish your photographs and data in any format without limitation in print and electronic formats under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence ( • Warrant that the data record is entirely your own and has not been collected by a 3rd party and does not infringe a 3rd parties intellectual property rights join our facebook page: