Foundations of Citizen Science Presented by SciStarter with support from the National Library of Medicine The Foundations of Citizen Science module will help you learn the basics, participate in projects, and make the most of SciStarter. (Librarians: upon completion of this module, you will be eligible to move onto the second hour of training and earn professional development credits from the Medical Library Association. Details available upon completion of this module.) Completion of this multimedia module takes approximately one hour. Create or log in to your SciStarter account if you’d like to earn a free printable, personalized certificate and badge you can share on LinkedIn and social media. The certificate and badge are linked to key skills you will practice or acquire through the Foundations of Citizen Science module. These skills are discoverable on LinkedIn and the badge opens pathways to related badges you may want to explore in the future. Learn more about the Foundations of Citizen Science Badge and the Libraries as Community Hubs for Citizen Science Badge here. Complete this self-guided tutorial and quiz. Score an 80% or higher to move onto the next steps towards earning your certificate and badge!  By completing this tutorial, you will achieve the following objectives: Recognize what citizen science is and how it can be used to address real-world questions in collaboration with others. Articulate how participating in citizen science benefits science and society. Recognize who can participate in different citizen science projects.  Recall the types of citizen science projects you can participate in, the skills you can practice or acquire, and the ways you can advance real-world research. Recall what SciStarter is and how it can connect you to citizen science projects and help you track your participation. Having a technical problem? Report it in our issue tracker.