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Tremont Institute unveils the latest #SmokiesCOOL music video, 'We Do Citizen Science,' that explores the powerful concept of participatory science. Get ready for some laughs as you enjoy this educational ensemble straight out of the 1980's! #SmokiesCOOL is a project-based education initiative of Tremont Institute that empowers students and teachers across many grade levels to apply learning achievements to the development of a culturally relevant, educational music video. "COOL" stands for Creative Opportunities for Outdoor Learning, and hints at the real-world, outdoor learning component of the project that takes place during residential school trips to Tremont Institute, located within Great Smoky Mountains National Park. #SmokiesCOOL aims to make learning more personal, local, and relevant for both participating students and their eventual audience. The project is a bridge between the classroom curricula, standards, and learning achievements of students, and the outdoor, real-world connections that inspire and inform students during residential stays of 3-10 days at Tremont Institute. Using #SmokiesCOOL videos in the classroom or other learning environment? Please take a moment to email the project coordinator, Caleb Carlton (, and let him know how you use the videos for education, and why you think they are a valuable teaching tool.