Hypericum androsaemum Tutsan Tutsan is a declared noxious weed which invades woodlands and pastures in Australia, causing adverse effects to both native flora and grazing livestock. One biocontrol agent has been released to for tutsan: 1. Tutsan rust *Melampsora hypericorum* Release of tutsan rust is expected to reduce the spread and density of tutsan infestations. Tutsan rust is now established in many locations including in Victoria, where it aids in controlling tutsan populations. The biocontrol agent is yet to be released in NSW. Regular updates on field days, workshops, and research results are published on the Blog. ![Tutsan](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/nLt1P7SpU_ymMTLIcmiOgWVdx6XJKk7lxc750cqMTthY8zGLQk9r2Oe__e5DsdJsH1iQzbha-1XU=s0 "Tustan_CC-BY 4.0 © Landcare Research .jpg") Tutsan infestation, [CC-BY 4.0](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) © Landcare Research