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Join the Unique Mappers Network, Nigeria for a Citizen Science Month Celebration -- all online! This webinar is Nigerian-led and focused, but all are welcome. The team, including lead facilitator and speaker Victor Sunday, will discuss the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and citizen science, their work with citizen science in Nigeria, and different projects they think their community should contribute to during Citizen Science Month. Projects spotlighted: Foldit ( This project invites participants to play a competitive online game to determine how to fold a protein. The team will specifically focus on the coronavirus part of the project to address current public health concerns. Stall Catchers ( Play an online game to speed up the search for a cure to Alzheimer's disease. Globe at Night ( With this project, your observations help contribute to a global understanding of light pollution. Then, we will all participate in citizen science projects, online. Let's do this together! Learn more about the Unique Mappers in Nigeria via this article: