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Surveying pollinators and other plant visitors is intended to help local entomologists and global conservation scientists. Continuous phenology and population data are lacking. The information that we record help fill the gap. We run this program across multiple locations in the Greater Boston area. We feed the info to different global databases that are tracking species occurrences (iNaturalist), species composition and abundance (Caterpillars Count!), and insect phenophases (Nature’s Notebook). Collecting such data is an important scientific effort that helps us better understand the collapse of insect populations, which is being observed throughout the world. This kind of data is critical to understand the implications on avian populations, other fauna at large, and on our own species (e.g., food security). A better understanding will lead to better societal actions and policies. Details & Registration » ✉ ⓘ More about us (Earthwise Aware) » ⓘ More about EwA Biodiversity citizen science projects »