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A GLOBAL CITIZENS’ DIALOUGE ON THE FUTURE OF THE INTERNET Add your voice to a global citizen discussion with people from over 75 countries. Your input will be used to feed into global negotiations about how the Internet should be governed. The Internet plays a vital role in how we see the world, as access to information has become dominant at the local and global level. But who gets to own our digital identity? How can we put an end to today’s digital divide? How can we be sure of getting high-quality information online? WE, THE INTERNET is bringing together the voices of thousands of citizens in Europe, Africa, South America, North America and Asia. Informed, deliberative, and neutral, these two 4-hours virtual forums will generate critical information for decision makers to influence the digital developments and future of internet governance.   Add Your Voice! Join in and share your views in an online forum about the role of internet in your daily lives. You will meet fellow citizens, share your hopes and concerns, and engage in thoughtful dialogue. No prior experience or knowledge is required. There are no incorrect answers—every viewpoint is welcome and wanted! Compensation Selected participants who attend both sessions will receive a $75 gift card by mail after completion. When and Where Saturday, October 24 (1pm-5pm ET/10am-1pm PT with breaks) Sunday, October 25 (1pm-5pm ET/10am-1pm PT with breaks) Online via Zoom (use mics and webcams to join a facilitated discussion) Participate Applicants must be 18 years old or older, commit to and attend the entire forum and live within 50-miles of any of the following cities: | BOSTON, MA | WASHINGTON, DC | THE TRIANGLE, NC | WACO, TX | PHOENIX, AZ | To apply, you will need to complete a pre-screening survey with your demographic information. About 100 total participants from the U.S. will be selected from the applicant pool based on a number of factors in order to ensure a diversity of demographic backgrounds, regions, and experiences among our participant group. APPLY: For more information, please visit: