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Vermont LoonWatch day was initiated in 1983 to provide a mid-summer estimate of the statewide loon population. On the third Saturday in July each year, volunteers survey assigned lakes, ponds, and reservoirs from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m., recording the number of adult loons, subadult loons (1-2 year olds), and loon chicks on the water body, as well as relevant human and wildlife activity. The information has provided an annual statewide population estimate, an estimate of the number of non-breeding loons, and a check on lakes with previously undetected breeding pairs. Survey a lake for one hour on the third Saturday of July each year. If you’ve got time, survey a few lakes. On this single day, we cover more than 130 lakes and ponds across Vermont each year. It’s the single most effective way for us to document and track breeding loon populations across the state.