Veteran trees may be trees that have reached a great age compared with others of the same species. However a veteran tree can be any age that exhibits veteran characteristics (such as a wide trunk, hollowed trunk or reduced crown). These veteran characteristics may be due to old age, natural damage, management, or the tree’s environment. Veteran trees are important as they often develop sturdy hollows that provide breeding habitat for a wide range of native species, including possums, koalas, reptiles, amphibians, and birds. Animal breeding places, such as these veteran trees, are protected under section 332 of the Nature Conservation (Wildlife Management) Regulation 2006. The aim of this survey is to collect data on veteran and significant trees in the Redlands. This data will assist in providing options for land and vegetation management, protection and conservation, and community education. This project is a Citizen Science project in partnership with the Redland City Council, Veteran Tree Group Australia and the Atlas of Living Australia. Redland City Council encourages participants of this survey to exercise reasonable care and caution whilst participating in this survey. Redland City Council, including its agents and employees, does not accept liability for any damage or loss whatsoever arising as a result of, whether directly or indirectly, this survey. Redland City Council in collaboration with Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) is collecting your personal information in order to be able to contact you to clarify details regarding your survey. This information will only be used by authorised officers for the purpose of contacting you to ensure records are accurate.