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Designed specifically for Verizon's Corporate Employee Volunteers but open to all, this webinar provides an introduction to citizen science and then to SciStarter, an organization and online portal that helps people find, join, and participate in citizen science projects. A step-by-step guide will show how to use SciStarter to find local to global projects and events in need of help from the public. From ground-truthing NASA satellite data, to sharing pictures that document biodiversity, to reporting local air quality – different projects have different levels of participation, and there is something for everyone. This hour-long webinar will also include presentations from the SciStarter team, teaching modules about citizen science, information about Citizen Science Month in April 2020, and demonstrations on how to use SciStarter to find online and in-person projects and events specifically curated for Verizon Corporate Employee Volunteers for December 2019 to October 2020. At 11 am EST, bring your questions and come learn how you can volunteer to save the planet. The webinar can be credited as one hour of service time for Verizon employees, but all are welcome.