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Scientists from The Field Museum and around the world need your help! Join us in transcribing scientific label data from our collections and from field notes books using online and computer tools. This event will be from October 19 to 22 and is based at The Field Museum. You will be part of a global effort to digitize centuries of data about life on Earth. Organisms will include ferns, fungi, mosses, insects, fishes and fossil invertebrates. Participants will have an opportunity to meet Field Museum scientists and join in behind-the-scenes tours of the scientific collections! WeDigBio is for teens aged 15+ and adults. The event is free and will be held from 10:00am to 2:00pm every day. On the day of the event, registration will open at 9:30am. The registration tables will be at the EAST entrance. Refreshments will be available. You should feel free to bring lunch. Limited free parking will be offered but we strongly encourage public transportation. Space is limited; please register in advance.