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Water is dynamic. Shorelines shift and rivers twist. Plants cover water edges, changing the shape and character of water bodies. Water accumulates during rain and evaporates during drought. From vast oceans to a few drops in a bucket, some bodies of water persist for many years, while others last just long enough for mosquito larvae to grow into adults. For scientists studying Earth’s water from space, the boundary between land and water is not always easy to map, and small areas of water may not be visible at all. Help us provide context and a point of reference for scientists by documenting water in the landscape and mapping mosquito habitats found there. How to participate: -Download the GLOBE Observer app and register an account. -Look for water in the environment around you, especially the edges between land and water, and take a GLOBE Land Cover observation. Put the tag "#water" in the field notes. -Use the Mosquito Habitat Mapper tool to document the water as a potential mosquito habitat.