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You're invited to join NatureTrackers in monitoring Tasmania's birds of prey (raptors), to update estimates from many years ago. In particular, there are lots of efforts to reduce the impact of human activities on Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles, but we don’t know if they’re working. These eagles are Endangered, and a different subspecies from the mainland wedgies. Are numbers now increasing - or continuing the suspected decline? Spend a day out in May with your eyes to the sky! There's the chance to learn a lot about nature, maps, science and some very special spots in Tasmania. A survey requires six 10-minute periods of observation in your chosen area, each separated by at least 30 minutes: an efficient morning out, or a leisurely day exploring with family and friends. We record all day-active species of raptor during the survey, but it's fine to take part even if you're not yet an expert - you can indicate in your records when you're not sure of the species. You'll need some advance preparation to choose an area (survey square), assemble your team (all ages!) and explore the app or datasheets on which you'll record your observations, but then you're set for a fun morning outdoors - or, for the enthusiasts, as much as two long weekends - every May. The website explains what you need to do, including how to book your survey square (usually opening in early February), and resources for you to gain or build on your bird identification skills. Where? Where? Wedgie! also involves a substantial schools component, through Expedition Class: Where Where Wedgie? Students learn about eagles and other birds of prey, and about monitoring threatened species.