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Extreme heat events, or heat waves, are on the rise in the US. This is intensified by the urban heat island effect, which makes cities warmer compared to non-urban environments. What are some ways that you can help reduce the urban heat island effect in your community? In this program, you will learn about the health and social impacts of extreme heat, work with other participants to explore and recommend resilience strategies to keep our communities cool, and learn about how participating in community science can help inform scientists about which communities are the hottest. Join us for a fun and interactive evening where you decide how communities around Boston should handle extreme heat! Want to get involved in community science now? Go to to get started. DUE TO LIMITED SPACE, RSVP IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND. PLEASE EMAIL FORUMRSVP@MOS.ORG IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS. Light refreshments will be provided and free parking available in the Museum of Science garage.