ABOUT THE PROJECT: To help better understand where extreme heat and urban heat islands are, the team is conducting a heat mapping campaign called Wicked Hot Mystic this summer to collect real-time ambient temperature data (the air we breathe and feel) in the Mystic River Watershed. Data collected by volunteers via cars will be used to develop a detailed temperature map to identify heat islands and places people can go to cool off in the Mystic watershed. By understanding where the outdoor hot spots are in the Boston area, cities can more accurately assess and adequately plan for the potential health impacts of extreme heat on people. HOW TO GET INVOLVED: SIGN UP TO BE A VOLUNTEER SCIENTIST FOR SUMMER 2021! We’ll be mapping the watershed in August 2021. If you are interested in being a heat mapping volunteer by driving or navigating in Mystic Watershed along designated routes, please register. COLLECT DATA ON YOUR OWN TIME VIA ISeeChange! There are also other ways to get involved! We’re seeking volunteers to collect data via ISeeChange – on your own schedule, at the location of your choosing. It’s easy! Just post your photo of how the heat is affecting you when you’re out and about and you’ll help inform regional climate and social resilience planning. Examples of posts can be how the heat is affecting you, your neighbors, pets, or areas in your community that are hot or cool.