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Bangladesh is an incredibly biodiverse country, with the Sundarbans mangrove forests as the most relevant hot spot. Bangladesh is a developing country and people depend a lot on their environment. Generally people are very interested in knowing more about the animals that surround them. Cell phone density is very high in Bangladesh, but no app for Bangladesh’s wildlife was existing before “wildmentor”. Furthermore, Bangladesh is one of the prime examples for the effects of global change. It is the most densely populated of the bigger countries of the world. Due to availability of the mobile internet, information’s are available to everyone with an internet connection and smartphones make information even available everywhere we are. This brings first of all great opportunities. Since the loss in biodiversity is one of the biggest threats to our ecosystems, we have to use the new media to make as many people aware of the problem as possible and some platforms already are successful with that (see for example Project Noah). Conservationists are trying to provide information in a way that it reaches the people as it is supposed to reach them. Using catchy platforms can help to reach more people, but it always has to be made sure that the quality of information and the teaching and creation of knowledge is the main objective. Our app provides this kind of quality information for the general public (Google play/“wildmentor”) and it also invites users to actively contribute to the existing knowledge. Our mobile apps is a simple and understandable system which requires no previous experience and it will bring new window for the participatory conservation education of general people and conservationists, it will help sharing place for the Biodiversity conservation education in Bangladesh.