This Augmented Reality game takes place on National Park lands, beginning with those in San Francisco (Golden Gate National Recreation Area) and Washington, DC (National Mall and Memorial Park/Anacostia Park), and eventually going nationwide. In this science fiction landscape, players encounter alien organisms and phenomena threatening to leak into our dimension from a neighboring one through areas called Venn Spaces. The Interdimensional Council (IDC), along with the National Science Foundation and other Earth-based organizations, needs your help monitoring this activity. You'll complete Quests within these Venn Spaces, while Vores (planet-destroying space tourists) try to stop you. In addition, you will join Wayside Quests to explore real-world areas of scientific interest at the Parks, and be invited to join related real-world citizen science projects available through SciStarter. Have fun with a fictional game while being recommended real citizen science projects as you play!