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On September 21 - World Alzheimer's Day - the whole world comes together to do something about Alzheimer's - a disease affecting nearly 50 million people worldwide. That's, of course, not even including the caregivers, families and friends of people living with the disease... Let us come together in Stall Catchers and do something about it as well! We're organizing a challenge for all catchers for the entire day on Monday, September 21 - to make sure everyone from around the globe can join at least part of it!! The challenge will last from 0:00 UTC, Sep 21 (8pm ET, Sep 20) to 0:00 UTC, Sep 22 (8pm ET, Sep 21). All participants will be getting DOUBLE POINTS all day! AND, traditionally, we will have a LIVE hangout with our lead, Pietro, and our biomedical collaborators from Cornell University, at 4pm ET (20:00 UTC). Joining the Zoom hangout at 4pm ET: First, register here: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Use the link in the email to join the hangout at 4pm ET on Monday!