The City of Mandurah invites you to a day full of discoveries in Yalgorup National Park. Bring your family, friends and neighbours along to this community event to help find out what animals and plants call Yalgorup National Park home. The Yalgorup Bioblitz is a community education event aimed at bringing together professional and amateur ecologists and those interested in learning more about their natural environment. It is a great way to raise community awareness about Yalgorup as well as increase community understanding and awareness of what is living in your own backyard. There will be lots to learn and involve yourself with at the Yalgorup Bioblitz. Flora and fauna specialists from the local area will lend their expertise to discovering and identifying species throughout the day. Participants will have the opportunity to help Identify woodland birds and shorebirds, experience a morning breakfast with the birds, go on an evening nightstalks to see our nocturnal animals, learn about Yalgorup and how Parks and Wildlife Rangers manage the park on a ranger walk and talks, look for truffle treasure like a Quenda with Murdoch university, go on a bushwalk or thrombolite tour with the Lake Clifton Herron Landcare Association, overlook amazing coastal landforms with Bouvard Coastcare, see the endangered ringtail possum with critters up close, and hear form Mandurah Wildlife Rescue. Help us discover what lives in Yalgorup National Park and celebrate its uniqueness The Site Yalgorup National Park is located 105 Km’s south of Perth and in the southernmost part of Mandurah, beginning just over the Dawesville Channel. Yalgorup is known for its extended lake system, beautiful tuart and peppermint woodlands and for the microscopic societies that form thrombolites. Yalgorup National park is home to many unique species of plants and animals, including the critically endangered Ringtail Possum, and is culturally significant for aboriginal women. The national park is managed by the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions: Parks and Wildlife rangers. The Bioblitz event will be held next to the thrombolites along Mount John Road in Herron. Extra afternoon activities will occur within the park, at the Mandurah Wildlife Rescue facility. What you need to do Download the Biocollect app to record your sightings, prior to the Yalgorup Bioblitz Read through the activity program and register for the activities at the link below. Be sure to arrive on time for your activity Be dressed in appropriate clothing to complete the field work and activities. This includes: Long pants, long sleeved shirt , hat, boots or sneakers, sunglasses, sunscreen , mosquito repellent. Bring a back pack with water, snacks and lunch, any other field supplies you might need for your activity such as camera, torches or headlamps and notepads and pens. Logistics Please register at the link below Read through the activity program and make sure to register for each event you want to participate in. Please wear the correct clothing for field trips Please bring your own food. Alternatively you can purchase food from the Cape Bouvard Winery Children are to be supervised at all times No pets allowed Smoke free and Alcohol free event