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Citizen Science Belleville is celebrating citizen science day with an Open House at Grace United Methodist Church (246 W Pearl Street, Belleville, WI). Please bring a smartphone, if you have one, and a couple of tablespoons of soil from your yard. The soil will be used to aid in drug discovery. Look for an area that has received minimal disturbance (such as beneath a tree, under a bush, behind a shed, etc.) Areas with visible organic material (leaves, moss, mushrooms) are great! Be sure to remove surface debris and to scoop your sample from the top 1-3 inches of organic-rich soil. Playing video games requires intelligence, and scientists have engineered games which apply that intelligence to accomplish such things as analyze blood samples, engineer complex organic molecules, and map the brain! If you know someone who likes to play video games, please bring him/her along, and discover how having fun can help save the world.