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The You + ME Registry and Biobank is an international community of patients, caregivers, healthy allies, researchers and clinicians committed to furthering research on post-viral chronic illness. There is emerging evidence that many individuals who were infected with the novel coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 disease, are suffering with persistent symptoms – the “long-haulers”. The pandemic offers an opportunity to understand susceptibility or resilience to these long-term effects, and we may well also shed light on ME/CFS and post-infectious fatigue syndromes following infections other than COVID-19. When you sign up for You + ME, you will be taken through what we call a “Study Visit”, or, a collection of surveys designed to capture a full picture of your general health. Those living with long-COVID or ME/CFS will also be invited to download the You + ME Tracking App, an optional resource that can be used to generate data and identify patterns in symptoms over time. You + ME encourages a culture of open data sharing and increased collaboration between all stakeholders in post-viral chronic illness research: patients, control volunteers, clinicians, and scientific researchers so that we may further our understanding of post viral chronic illness, together.