100 For Parkinson’s is a 100,000-person global health project. It’s for people with Parkinson’s, their friends, family and colleagues – tracking their health for 100 days & donating their data for research. 100 for Parkinson’s is a global citizen science project, led by UK digital health startup uMotif, and supported by a range of partners including Nesta and the Cabinet Office. Members of the public will register to track their health for 100 days using the uMotif app on their smartphone or tablet, and a wearable device if they have one. The project will be open to anyone – but there is a focus on recruiting people with – or affected by – Parkinson’s. The data set collected will be made anonymous and made available for free for academic research. This is a world-first patient-centred citizen science project of this size and scale. To join us, simply visit www.100forparkinsons.com and sign up!
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